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Disapproving Bill O'Reilly shames NBC, Paris Hilton

Reported by Chrish - June 22, 2007 -

Narcissist Bill O"reilly was once again the subject of tonight's Talking Point Memo, "Paying for Bad Behavior." 6/21/07 He patted himself on the back for putting the kibosh on the intended FOX interview with acquitted killer OJ Simpson and related it to NBC's reported attempt to interview Paris Hilton when she is released next week (although he did not equate the two, noting Hilton's misbehaviors were on a much smaller scale.)
With video.

But it all comes back - everything does - to his culture war. Rewarding bad behavior has become the norm in this decaying society, blah blah blah. This from a man who reportedly makes $10 million a year to smear people and foment divisiveness in these United States.

He took shots at NBC (ho-hum), alleging they are slipping badly in the ratings (it's all about the ratings for O'Reilly - always), their credibility is crumbling, and their silence has been deafening. Hmm, he must be looking at different ratings and using a different Internet than I am.

From Jossip, a gossip sheet that is giving this almost as much attention as FOX "News":

NBC News Communications senior VP Allison Gollust says the ink wasn’t even drying: “There’s nothing to pull the plug on because we never committed to this.”

From RealityTVWorld (ditto):

Paris Hilton and NBC have denied a report that the network had agreed to pay Hilton "as much as $1 million" for The Simple Life star's first interview when she's released from jail next week.

"NBC News does not pay for interviews," NBC News spokeswoman Allison Gollust, who wouldn't confirm or deny "any interview would take place," told The New York Times in a report published Friday. "Never have, never will."

As for credibility crumbling, O'Reilly was called out by Dave Kopel on his misleading reporting about Boulder High School, with a point-by-point documentation of O'Reilly's "misspeakings." As of Thursday he was still repeating the lies and has not taken Kopel up on his offer to clarify.