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Studio B Focuses on Missing White Woman

Reported by Donna - June 21, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith the big story that received most of the attention was the missing person case of Jessie Davis from Canton, Ohio.

It should come as no surprise that she is a white woman but why the build up of attention? Could it be because the father of her child is African American? (She has one child with him and is pregnant with a second due anyday)

The story just drips with drama. The man is married to someone else but they are now separated. He has a child with his estranged wife. He also has another child with another woman besides his wife and Jessie.

Studio B spent four segments on this case, three of a couple of minutes and a major one of about 10 minutes. Smith kept saying to everyone he interviewed that the man was not a suspect but maybe he was? There was a lot of insinuation going on that he might be the one that the police are looking at the most. Greta Van Susteren did say the police and FBI should not limit their investigation to just him.

They had Rick Leventhal live in Canton and he said that he found out about the interview with the estranged wife of Bobby Cutts (the man who is the assumed father of the missing woman, Jessie Davis' child and forthcoming child). Leventhal said the estranged wife said her husband was a good man and she doesn't think he'd do anything to hurt Jessie and she wished the media would wait and see how the story develops before printing or saying anything about him.

Comment: The man is a police officer and he is going to be a person of interest if he is the father of the missing woman's child and expected child. It's just seems disproportionate, the time that Studio B spent on the story. Was it another catchy missing white woman story for them? I suppose so since Greta is on the scene. They just seemed to do a lot of insinuations regarding Mr. Cox and didn't hesitate showing pictures of him (they showed a group shot of several African Americans).

I would say the man is a person of interest but think the story is receiving a lot of play time because of her being a missing white woman. Did it turn up the volume on the story that the father of her child is African American? I don't know, we report, you decide.