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Studio B Finally Utters The Casualties In Iraq

Reported by Donna - June 21, 2007 -

For the past several weeks Studio B has resolutely stayed away from disclosing the death count of our U.S. soldiers and the Iraqi civilians in Iraq. Today they changed that by dedicating around 20 seconds to telling us that 14 soldiers had died in the past couple of days.

While they still stayed away from reporting how many Iraqis had been killed they did finally announce that U.S. soldiers were being killed in Iraq. The trouble is the little time that they spent on the story - a matter of seconds when around 15 or 16 minutes had been devoted to the missing white woman story in Ohio?

Comments: It was about time that they mentioned the soldiers being killed in Iraq every day. What's still wrong is the amount of time being allotted to stories. Nothing on politics today, brevity when it came to the U.S. soldiers deaths, nothing on Iraqi civilian deaths, but tons on the missing white woman in Ohio.

As always, we report, you decide.