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Cavuto Airs Sex Tape During Discussion About Ethics & Integrity in Journalism

Reported by Melanie - June 21, 2007 -

I wonder what would happen to Neil Cavuto's ratings if he stopped being Fox's one stop sex shop. I'm not kidding. Rarely a day goes by during this, Fox's "premiere business news" show, without Cavuto creating a segment to serve as a backdrop for a video showing nearly-naked women doing sexually suggestive things or a buxom woman (or three) wearing tight-fitting, V-neck T-shirts. I think the guy flat-out needs the sex segments so his male audience, or at least a good portion of it, will keep tuning in. Frankly, he's beginning to look desperate.

Take Paris Hilton for example. Cavuto is probably thanking God and his lucky stars that Hilton has been in the news lately because he can't re-run the ad she made for the Carl's Jr. hamburger chain often enough. I think I've seen it fifteen times in the last few weeks. Without Hilton, Cavuto might have to dig up some old tape, maybe of Lingerie Bowl players or, oh, invite Mary Carey back on.

Anyway, Cavuto aired the Hilton tape again today (June 21, 2007)! while talking to two lawyers and questioning -- get this -- NBC's ethics and journalistic integrity for agreeing to pay Hilton $1 million for her first interview out of the slammer. That's right, Cavuto's audience was watching this while he and his guests discussed ethics and journalistic integrity.

Any discussion that takes place on Fox News about journalistic integrity is a farce, of course, but adding porn-like video as a visual aid takes the charade to a new level low, something that Cavuto's audience -- distracted by that eye candy -- probably missed.