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Wonder What the Dow Did Today? If It "Soared" You'll Hear It First on Fox

Reported by Melanie - June 20, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" guru and the host of Your World w/Neil Cavuto, is very, very fond of the FOX NEWS ALERT. He opens his show with a FOX NEWS ALERT (FNA) almost every day and well, let's just say that it's interesting indeed what Cavuto deems worthy of one of those dramatic show openers.

For example, last Wednesday the Dow rose 187 points and, opening with a FNA, Cavuto reported at the top of the hour: the Dow "bounced back with huge gains." Last Thursday, the Dow rose 72 points and Cavuto opened with a FNA and news of "another stock market rally."

Friday the Dow rose 87 points and, after a show-opening FNA, Cavuto reported that a "tame inflation report" sent stocks "soaring." On Monday the Dow fell 26.50 points but the opening FNA preceded a report about a suspicious vehicle parked near the White House. Yesterday the Dow rose 22.44 points and Cavuto's FNA opening was about the firefighters killed in South Carolina.

You could use words like "surge" and "jump" and "huge" to describe what the Dow did today (June 20, 2007) too: It dropped 146 pints. But today, yes, Cavuto opened with a FOX NEWS ALERT but the lead story was about the computer glitch at United Airlines. As a matter of fact, Cavuto didn't get around to reporting the numbers on Wall Street (don't forget, this is a "business news" show) until 17 minutes in.

Comment: Is it just me or do you see a pattern here? When the Dow "surges" up, or makes a "huge" move or "jump" up, Cavuto makes sure his audience knows about it right away. But when it "surges," "jumps" or makes a "huge" move down (or is essentially flat), Cavuto takes a pass, hopes it isn't a "trend" (which he would be forced to report eventually), and prays there's an "huge" up "surge" tomorrow so he can move this news back to the top of the hour.