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FOX News “Asks” If Democratic Candidates Are Pandering To The Left-Wing Fringe

Reported by Ellen - June 20, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes used the “Cavuto” on last night’s show (6/19/07) as the focus of its coverage of the Take Back America conference by “asking” on the screen, “Are Democratic candidates pandering to the left-wing fringe?” The choice of Bernard Goldberg as the sole guest ensured the kind of answers the audience would get. With video.

Just last week, Goldberg said on Hannity & Colmes, “What liberals have done to kids in this society isn’t crazy, it’s criminal.” Hardly a neutral observer for a “we report, you decide” kind of discussion that FOX insists is its mantra.

The segment opened with clips of candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama speaking at Take Back America on such subjects as global warming and employee choice, hardly fringe subjects. Yet the Cavuto “question” appeared on the screen right from the start.

Nevertheless, Goldberg said to Alan Colmes in the first part of the discussion, “These aren’t crazy lefties? These are people who think Hillary Clinton is too conservative. If you need any more proof that they’re nuts than that, I don’t know what it would be.”

Colmes quoted several poll results showing how much in synch the Democrats are with the American public. “How are they pandering?” he asked.

Goldberg clearly couldn’t come up with an answer. So he feinted. “First let me say that if they gave out Nobel prizes for pandering, the Democratic candidates for president would be on a plane to Stockholm tonight.”

Colmes repeated the question.

Goldberg paused, evidently trying to come up with an answer. “Let’s put it this way,” he said, and noted that McCain and Giuliani are at odds with the base of their party (funny how he didn’t mention varmint-hunter Mitt Romney). “Can you name a single issue where these Democrats disagree with Take Back America?” Goldberg finally asked.

Colmes again asked for an example of their pandering.

Still without indicating how they were pandering, Goldberg complained that all the candidates are in favor of rolling back the Bush tax cuts, “they’re all in favor of racial preferences. They all believe that global warming is man made.” He then griped that the candidates call themselves progressives rather than liberals.

When Sean Hannity broke in to take his turn, he and Goldberg agreed that MoveOn.org has taken over the Democratic Party.

Goldberg added, “My point further is, if you want to see what happens if the Take Back America crowd take back America, all you have to do is go to someplace like San Francisco… I think the Take Back America crowd would turn America into San Francisco.” The problem with San Francisco, according to Goldberg, is that it’s anti-military. Yet nowhere in Goldberg’s bio does it say anything about having served in the military, himself. He seems to be of an age when there was still a draft. You’d think he’d want to brag about having served, if he really did so.

His voice oozing with Hanctimony, Hannity complained that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have conference calls with “these extreme leftists” such as the Daily Kos (mispronounced as Daily Koss) and MoveOn. “This is who all these candidates seem to be going after,” Hannity said, as though this were something terrible and unlike say, John McCain or Newt Gingrich speaking at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.

Goldberg said that the reason the Democratic candidates wouldn’t go on FOX was because they don’t want to offend the Take Back America crowd. “That’s not a good thing,” Goldberg said, implying that trying to win over constituents is somehow wrong. And speaking of playing to one’s base, I wonder how many Republican candidates will be going on Air America during this pre-primary season.

Goldberg concluded by saying, “Most Americans are reasonable, decent people and they’re not in tune with the Take Back America crowd.”

As the music started, Colmes said, “They’re not in tune with the Republicans, either. 65% say we should have national health care, most people want us out of Iraq, most people want a timeline, most people are pro-choice.”