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Why the left "hates FOX"

Reported by Chrish - June 19, 2007 -

According to Bill O'Reilly there are two reasons for the left's alleged hatred of FOX News. He enumerated them in his Talking Points Memo yesterday 6/18/07.
With video.

"First, FOX News dominates the cable news ratings. And this drives far left nuts.

The second reason is that FOX takes a more traditional view editorially than the mainstream liberal press. As we've seen, many liberals are absolutely intolerant of opposing points of view."

Will someone, ANYONE, please tell this man to stop tooting his ratings horn? It's unseemly! The only people who care are his followers, who enjoy being part of the popular club for once, and the advertisers who want to reach the most eyeballs in any given hour. "The left" might bemoan that so many are so bamboozled, but we take heart that 298,000,000 Americans aren't.

To say that "FOX takes a more traditional view editorially" does two things. It mainstreams O'Reilly's framing. It also understates FOX's stance, which is not just pro-right but anti-left. No other network attacks portions of the electorate on a daily basis like FOX does.

He concluded "... the reason FOX News continues to dominate is we back up our opinion with facts and don't use stealth tactics to demean opposing points of view. "

He's party right there. FOX is increasingly blatant in their hatred of the left, Democrats, liberals, cities, newspapers, other networks, and websites who document their vitriol.