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Stunning hypocrisy as O'Reilly accuses Media Matters of taking his remarks OUT OF CONTEXT

Reported by Chrish - June 19, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly obviously has staff Googling his name, looking for articles and authors with whom he can pick fights. They found success in the "nation's most liberal paper," the San Francisco Chronicle, whose editorial page editor John Diaz mentioned O'Reilly in passing in an article on the immigration reform bill yesterday 6/16/07.

From the carryings on of O'Reilly you'd think it was a smear job when all that was said was

"Amnesty" became a potent buzzword that ignored the rigid requirements for undocumented workers to obtain legal residency."

The rhetoric was ugly, playing to resentment against immigrants. Bill O'Reilly suggested the reform bill was being promoted by "people who hate America, and they hate it because it's run primarily by white, Christian men." Rush Limbaugh warned of a "brand new, giant welfare state paid by the rest of us."

Diaz was kind enough to appear on the Factor tonight 6/18/07, even after the host had suggested that Al Qaeda could attack his hometown and the US government shouldn't do anything about it. Diaz held his own, finishing his sentences even as O'Reilly (repeatedly) interrupted and overtalked.

At first O'Reilly badgered Diaz about where he got his information, and when Diaz couldn't specify O'Reilly triumphantly announced that it was that far-left loon site, Media Matters! (where you will find a word-for-word transcription of O'Reilly's words from the Radio Factor, which he played during the Talking Points Memo. Word for word.) O'Reilly jabbed and wagged and warned Diaz condescendingly about the "out of context" trickery at MM.

Does anyone remember the Boulder High School incident? From last week? Remember the point by point, footnoted study issued by the Independence Insttitute that documented how O'Reilly took salient points out of context in order to enrage his older, conservative audience?

Diaz suggested that O'Reilly follow his own advice and next time he should read the editorial before going off about it, as O'Reilly obviously had no clue what the context of Diaz's comment was. Diaz also got in a few "with all due respects" as he sparred with O'Reilly.