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I'm Still Waitin' for Cavuto to Bring On "Obama Girl"

Reported by Melanie - June 19, 2007 -

You've heard about "Obama Girl," right? She's a sexy, buxom 20-something New Yorker who posted a video on YouTube called, "I Got a Crush...on Obama." Here it is.

Now, given Neil Cavuto's penchant for all-things-boob -- "Hooters Girls," Victoria's Secret models, Paris Hilton's nearly pornographic advertisement for Carl's Jr. (which he has aired repeatedly over the last few weeks) -- you'd think Obama Girl would be someone he'd want to get into his studio ASAP, now wouldn't you?

You know, ask her to wear a clingy, V-neck T-shirt and drop the chyron when the camera's on her so his audience can get a good look. I mean, Obama Girl is Cavuto's kind of "girl," through and through! She's quintessential Cavuto material! Yo, Cavuto!

Then again, there's one problem. One very big problem: She's a Democrat. Guess I'll stop waitin'. (But I'll be sure to let you know if he brings on a McCain Girl or a Thompson Girl or a Giuliani Girl.)

P.S. I did a search of "Obama Girl" -- a topic that has gotten a lot of media attention -- at FoxNews.com. Nothing.