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Gen. Petraeus: Troops Will Have to Remain for 8 to 10 Years.

Reported by Marie Therese - June 19, 2007 -

Yesterday on Special Report FOX News Pentagon Correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported: "General Petraeus said he will be able to assess the surge in September but the work of the surge won't be done by then. He reminded people that it usually takes, historically, eight to ten years for a successful counterinsurgency effort to be launched. We do understand that this one, of course - he reminded us that this one only began in February." Hold the horses, there, pardner!! Shouldn't this news have been blasted all over the "fair and balanced" FOX News yesterday? With video.

Like all good con men, this administration always tosses in just enough truth to cover their asses.

Last January, just before this lily-livered Democratic Congress authorized the surge, Dick Cheney told Chris Wallace that it was going to take 20, 30 or 40 years to assure a democratic Iraq. We reported it. But no one in power paid any attention. That's because Democrats and moderate Republicans once more had been "talk radioed" into believing that there would be this massive outcry if we engaged in "cut and run" tactics in Iraq. So the con men got what they wanted. While Congressional moderates focused on polls and their "image" before the people, Dick Cheney was right there telling us all exactly how long the surge was really going to last. The essence of a good con or a good magic trick is to draw attention away from the trick with a distraction.

Which is why I'm not at all surprised that Petreaus has thrown out this ten-year figure. If you read what Griffin reported, General Petraeus clearly indicated that the LAUNCH of a counter-insurgency takes eight to ten years.

The implementation and final troop withdrawal will consume at least another ten to thirty years, if we are to believe Cheney.

However, when the All-Star Panel mulled over the situation in Iraq, they paid only lip service to Griffin's statement. Brit Hume commented that "the surge is not scheduled to end any time soon." i

Mort Kondracke noted that "Senator Mitch McConnell was on one of the other [Sunday talk] shows yesterday and made it quite clear that Republican patience is about at an end, that what they want after September is fewer troops in harm's way as we approach the 2008 election. And he's talking about reverting to the Iraq Study Group report, which is to say combat troops out of Iraq, back into secure bases, fewer casualties and we fight Al Qaeda and have a training mission. So this is, you know, another example of the two different calendars. The military's on one calendar in Iraq, pleading for more time, I think, and the Republicans back here are lining up with the Democrats now."


Mara Laisson noted that a Republican activist told her that, come fall, the Republican position will be that "you have to have the word 'leaving' in whatever our Iraq strategy is and they want Iraq to be in the rear-view mirror ..."

But it won't be. Because the con men in the White House have their next distraction all revved up and ready to go.

Israel's July war against Syria. Olmert and Bush are planning it right now. Bush may even toss in an air strike against Iran, unless some of our fearless military men grow a pair and stop him by publicly announcing the plan and rejecting it ahead of time.

Unfortunately, if past history is any indicator, like a bunch of stupid sheep, the military leadership, the Congress and the people of the United States are going to fall for the same old shell game one more time and George Bush will be able to out with a bang.

"Top of the world, Ma! Top of the world!"*

* Cody Jarrett's last words in the James Cagney-Raoul Walsh gangster film "White Heat".

N.B. Post updated at 5:01 PM EDT to correct typos, inconsistencies. - MT