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When is 12% a "fairly decent" lead in a poll? When it's FOX talking about Hillary Clinton.

Reported by Chrish - June 18, 2007 -

Newt Gingrich was the sole guest to comment on Democratic frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, on the Big Story today 6/18/07. Clinton is reportedly leading Obama 33% to 21% in a recent poll (not specified), which Gibson called "a fairly decent" double-digit lead.

Gingrich was not impressed with Clinton's 33% showing, considering she has 100% name recognition, and suggested the door is open for "an Al Gore" or somebody else "to come back in."

Comment: The USA Today/Gallup poll with those figures included Al Gore; with Gore taken out the figures were 39% and 26%, respectively. Other polls at that link have Clinton as high as 42% in a field of 8 candidates.

The topic changed to the Kennedy-McCain-Bush immigration plan. Asked if Bush could convince conservatives to vote for the proposed bill, Gingrich flatly stated "No." He called it a "brazen power-grab by people in Washington just turning their backs on the rest of the country," like he's never seen before. (Helloooo! Have you not been paying attention?)

They segued into American dissatisfaction with the federal government and Gingrich plugged his new incarnation of the contract on America, saying his "American Solutions" found that only 3% of Americans believe the federal government does NOT need substantial change. In other words, Americans overwhelmingly thinks the government needs transforming to make it more productive.

Lo and behold, the chyrons read "Poll: Americans demand 'transformation' in Washington" and "Gingrich: Americans ready for long-term solutions." Sounds like some ready-made (empty) campaign rhetoric, warming up for the big announcement in September.

Despite what you hear in the mainstream media, he said, 85% of Americans want to defend America. What? Who are the 15%? I don't know anyone of any political persuasion that doesn't want to defend our country.

What a softball segment, meant to undermine Clinton's lead and give Gingrich a platform for his empty rhetoric. Big politics my eye.