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Studio B Says Hilary Wants To Seal Up Nomination Before Primaries

Reported by Donna - June 18, 2007 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today they said that Hilary Clinton wants to seal up the nomination before the primaries. Later in the segmen they said that new polling revealed that Hillary has regained a double digit lead over Barack Obama.

Carl Cameron said that Fred Thompson has really gained, he was in a virtual tie with John McCain and that Giuliani was still in the lead. Cameron went back to Smith like he was done with his report saying, 'Shep', but Smith pulled him back in with questions about the Democrats.

Cameron said that Hilary is pulling out in front more and more and what was surprising was that Al Gore had showed up as a virtual tie for second with Barack Obama even though he says he is not running for office. He said this has pretty much driven Edwards off the national map.

Comments: The segment started with a teaser that said that Hillary wanted to seal up the nomination before the primaries even began. This may be true but Fox didn't offer any evidence as to her saying this.

At least Studio B made an effort to talk about the Democratic candidates, too, because they've been focusing exclusively on the Republicans for the past couple of weeks.