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Sean Hannity's New Role: Corporate Shill for Big Pharma and the Health Insurance Industry

Reported by Marie Therese - June 18, 2007 -

As I've watched Hannity's America every Sunday night for the past several months, I've wondered exactly what on-screen "persona" Sean Hannity has been trying to project. Is he the "country singing star"? The 1960s "secret agent man"? The "guy next door"? The "ruggedly handsome Irishman no woman can resist"? Well, last night, I finally figured it out. Sean Hannity is nothing more than a traveling salesman, a sleazy little huckster who will sell the suckers anything in order to line his pockets at their expense, all the while deflowering their daughters in the barn. Although he cultivates an outer appearance reminiscent of the black-clad country singer Johnny Cash, Hannity hasn't got Cash's talent, class, compassion or soul. That was clearly in evidence last night when Hannity read the script prepared for him be the health insurance and drug companies, who are quaking in their boots now that Sicko, Michael Moore's new expose of the health insurance industry, is set to be released on June 29th. With video.


For those of you who have access to a video camera and would like to let the world know your own particular health care horror story, Michael Moore has set up a site on YouTube. Create your own video commentary and upload it here. Or, just go and watch a few of the videos already posted. They will break your heart and make you very angry.

The people are real.

Their pain is genuine.

Many of them are the very viewers that Sean Hannity and FOX News claim to care so much about. But that doesn't bother FOX. They are only interested in keeping the ad revenue from CVS, Walgreens, United Health Care, Kaiser, etc. So, like used car salesmen, they sell, sell, sell their viewers on the idea that somehow it's "un-American" to want decent, affordable health coverage for all.

I think maybe this time, the FOX News management team is in for a rude awakening.

You see, the issue of health care cuts across all party lines.

Every American has been touched in some way or another by the impersonal, uncaring, sometimes ruthless purveyors of health care insurance.

The personal stories of everyday Americans are the best rebuttal to all the tripe you'll hear Sean Hannity utter in the following video - his pathetic, sophomoric attack on Michael Moore.

Here's just one of the stories.

By the way, Moore has never denied that he is a liberal.

On the contrary, he's proud of that fact.