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Rabid Malkin goes after Rivera for supporting proposed immigration bill

Reported by Chrish - June 17, 2007 -

Geraldo Rivera and Michelle Malkin went head to head, with Bill O'Reilly moderating, on the subject of immigration reform on the O'Reilly Factor 6/14/07. Extremist radical right-winger vs. conservative, moderated by a far-right-winger: fair and balanced as only FOX can do it.

Geraldo Rivera, who favors the proposed comprehensive immigration package, debated Michelle Malkin, who opposes it vehemently. Rivera gave logical and reasoned arguments for his point of view, but Malkin only attacked his opinions. After the break, moderator O'Reilly had to go so far as to warn Malkin to stop attacking Geraldo and make her own points. She failed to do so, but guess what? You can buy her new book - it's all in there!

All she did was attack and sneer, offering nothing positive or productive. Rivera would have looked like the voice of reason no matter what he said, but as it happened he made a good case.