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Nifong Gets Disbarred – Goldberg Trashes Liberals

Reported by Chrish - June 17, 2007 -

Most of last night’s Big Story (6/16/07) was live footage of former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong’s disbarment hearing (with the red “alert” at the top of the screen). Julie Banderas managed to squeeze in some commentary regarding the case which precipitated the disbarment of Nifong for serious prosecutorial misconduct.

Fox’s Gregg Jarrett was on hand to provide commentary from a legal perspective and immediately described Nifong’s conduct (in case you didn’t know) as “deplorable, egregious, and horrible” which, according to Jarett, would prevent Nifong from ever practicing law again.

Banderas then went to Fox Durham correspondent Jonathan Surrie who, in response to Banderas' question about the local mood, remarked that there was only one protestor which was in stark contrast to the public scene at the beginning of the case. This provided a nice lead in for Banderas' “feelings” which she always shares with us: “Yeah, that’s what really bothers me. Where is Al Sharpton? Where are the protestors? When these three boys were accused of rape, there were protests all over the country, Al Sharpton coming out to defend a black victim of a white crime. Why no protests?” (Comment: the accuser was being supported by her community, while Fox provided a nightly support for the defense.)

On cue, Jarrett responded that Banderas made a “good point” and proceed to recount how he had interviewed an African American civil rights activist who is (Jarett audibly sneered) a minister who was leading daily protests and convicting these three students. Jarrett: “I was down there and said, what, what, what, you weren’t in the house. How do you know…Where is this guy right now. Where is his apology? Day after day he condemned them as rapists.” (Comment: Fox is usually very deferential in its attitude towards clergy who, in this case, was not even identified and obviously not able to respond to Jarrett’s charges.)

Jarrett wanted to know where the 88 Duke professors were - the professors who “were applauding the demonstrators who affixed the pictures of the players on wanted posters and who convicted these guys.” Jarrett, visibly frustrated, lamented that “these are the professors who are teaching our children.” (Comment: Yeah, Greg, these are the professors who are employed by Duke Unversity and not Fox News. And BTW, Greg, their statement addressed concerns about racism on the Duke campus with language such as “If it turns out that these students are guilty” so where is the “convicting”?)

Later in the show Banderas interviewed attorneys Mercedes Colwin and Paul Cowan who, in their usual fashion, commented in a reasonable and articulate manner. But the program went from the sublime to the ridiculous when Bernard Goldberg appeared to continue with the Fox “having to say you’re sorry” meme.

To Banderas' question about politics playing a role in the Duke case, Goldberg responded that this was a “disgusting travesty that couldn’t have gone as far as it did if it didn’t fit a liberal template” of a black woman accusing affluent white men of rape. He continued his whine with a statement about how the 88 Duke professors, who “convicted these kids,” should be “disciplined.” Not surprisingly, he blamed liberal feminists on campuses who “convicted” these kids and then said (surprisingly) that there were feminists on Fox who stayed “way too long” with Nifong. (Comment: does he mean Greta Van Susteren?)

Goldberg whined about the New York Times that “runs stories every time someone looks funny at somebody else at Guantanamo and ran 65 stories about Abu Ghraib” but didn’t “run any crusade over this.” (Comment: there is no comparison between American torture and the Duke case and what made this rape case worthy of a “crusade?”) Goldberg proclaimed that this was “liberal McCarthyism and liberals on campus, in the media, and in politics should be disciplined”. (Comment: why do conservatives love “discipline?”). Banderas noted that “we wouldn’t be talking about this if not for the race of the accuser.” (Comment: social class played a role here.)

Goldberg continued with the rant by asking about the lack of apologies from the 88 Duke professors and the Duke University president. When asking about a media apology he quickly realized that he was speaking to the media and noted that he wasn’t condemning the media “en masse.” Once again, he wanted to know why the New York Times wasn’t “exercised” about this “terrible miscarriage of justice.”

Comment: Goldberg has become Fox’s resident grumpy old man. Once a respected journalist, Goldberg has joined the ranks of right wing haters whose ridiculous and inflammatory rhetoric are what is really “hurting America” despite all those liberals listed in Goldberg’s book. And of course, Fox gives him a platform from which to espouse these views. Instead of a meaningful discussion of the issues of class, race and sexual exploitation (how about interviewing a female African American journalist?), Fox uses the opportunity to reinforce its negative messages about those deemed worthy of their vilification.