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Neil Cavuto Stabs Dan Rather in the Back

Reported by Melanie - June 16, 2007 -

When I heard that Dan Rather was going to be a guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto last Tuesday, my first thought was, WHAT?! Why would Dan Rather agree to appear on Fox News, an outlet that relentlessly bashed him when he was at CBS, and that continues to bash CBS News for being a part of that "far left" media that has supposedly taken over our country and our psyche.

Maybe Rather thought that publicity, even negative publicity, is good. Maybe he thought, as I've heard people like Dennis Kucinich say, that it would be good if Fox's audience got a dose of reality; if they saw and heard the purported monster in person, they'd realize that the monster isn't a crazed maniac after all.

Whatever Rather's reason, Fox had the last laugh yesterday (June 15, 2007) at the end of Your World during Cavuto's "Mail it In" segment. Cavuto did what he almost always does when he has someone from the "far left" on: He's polite during the interview (in this instance, substitute host, David Asman, interviewed Rather) then he stabs the guest in the back after the interview is over, which is precisely what he did during the mail segment. And, interestingly (wink, wink), the negative emails Cavuto read hit on all of Fox's main, anti-CBS talking points:


Well, Dan's the man. Not at CBS, but here at Fox, at least when it comes to emails. No one on this show has ever generated as many as the former CBS news anchor when he dished about Katie and Les Moonvies.

Well, Patty in Oklahoma writes, 'This loser has a lot of nerve to criticize anyone in the news after his forged document fiasco! He should go crawl back under his rock.'

Bob Morgan in Florida: 'He stated several times that Les Moonves didn't know anything about news. Neither did Dan Rather. He only pushed his own agenda.'

L.T. Stegall in Wisconsin: 'Ah, for Pete's sake. The word 'tart' has never been used to describe a man....only a woman. Rather's problem with CBS is that CBS News isn't bashing President Bush every night!'

Chuck in Oklahoma: 'Dan Rather talking about integrity in the news? He wouldn't know integrity if it bit him in the butt.'

And, Elaine M. in New York: 'Well, I like Dan. And I don't like you. At least he has standards. You are a clueless, skirt-chasing, yodel-eating, pornography-showing, self-absorbed idiot, who probably got his job after sending in some cereal box tops. That, or you have incriminating photos of your boss at a strip joint.'

Comment: So, to all you "far left" talkers out there, go ahead and appear on Fox, whatever your reason, but remember, Fox will not let what you say sit in the mind of its audience. Fox's "fair and balanced" slogan is, well, nothing but a slogan. Fox will follow-up, in one way or another, and remind its viewers why they should continue to distrust and despise you.

Here's the video.