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Comments from Dave Kopel, Independence Institute

Reported by Chrish - June 16, 2007 -

As posted Thursday night, the Independence Institute has released a thoroughly documented analysis of the misrepresentations promulgated by Bill O'Reilly regarding an assembly held at Boulder High School. In response to some comments made here on that topic, Mr. Kopel has sent us the following:

"Just a couple things to add, in response to some of the comments. Jerry Kopel is indeed my father, and I am very proud of him. His website is www.jerrykopel.com

He and I don’t agree on all this issues, but one thing that is well-known by anyone who served in the legislature with him, or who knows his work as a journalist in the 1950s with the Rocky Mountain News, or the last 15 years as an award-winning columnist for the Colorado Statesman, is that he is a very honest man. And he doesn’t like bullies. We both believe in truth, justice, and the American way. Whatever one thinks about the substance of the BHS controversy, dishonest and bullying media coverage is no solution."

Best wishes,

Dave Kopel
Research Director
Independence Institute