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Like A Spiteful Child, Bill O'Reilly Says, "Boulder Is Branded Forever"

Reported by Deborah - June 15, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly didn't get his way in Boulder and he lashed out last night just like a spiteful child. No matter how hard he tried, the good people of Boulder, Colorado refused to allow their city to be torn apart by O'Reilly's divisive and punitive rhetoric so he made this declaration to viewers.

" Boulder is branded forever as a place where far left loons rule."

O'Reilly was so anxious to prove his point, we were told, he decided to edit one of the e-mails read at the end of the show. with video

During the Most Riculous Item segment, BOR showed a cartoon from the Daily Camera ridiculing him and then went on to list the events he believes have branded Boulder listing subjects of his past campaigns, Ward Churchill, Jon Benet Ramsey and the current World Affairs Council forum. The idea that people in Boulder prefer working out their conflicts privately through communication and compromise is highly suspect to BOR.

After the branding ceremony, Bill read some e-mails about the Boulder campaign. One of these was written by a Brian Skibo who contacted News Hounds today to say that O'Reilly had edited his message before reading it. This isn't the first time Brian Skibo has contacted us. Here's the original e-mail sent by Brian.

"So let me get this straight. You are mad at the Denver Post not showing up at the meeting in Boulder and not reporting it. But you're proud of Fox and yourself for not reporting events in Iraq."
Brian Skibo
Hermitage, PA

Here's what he read on air:

"Bill, so let me get this straight. You are mad at the Denver Post for not covering Boulder, but you won't cover Iraq."

This was O'Reilly's response:

"You know, I have called the Kool-Aid people and asked them to send you another case, sir, and they said no, he's got too much" (laughter in the background).

comment: Maybe O'Reilly's on to something with all his truth bending. So here's what " some people say" about the far left loon infestation in Boulder. The loons refuse to confirm this theory and have been invited to post here but have yet to return our calls.

Because he didn't like the outcomes of these situations, he rationally concluded that 'far left loons" have taken over Boulder like kudzu in Atlanta. Perhaps these " far left loons" originated in the Galapagos Islands and then snuck over those open borders with Ted Kennedy's help possibly. Then the loons were hidden away on Cindy Sheehan's property in Crawford Texas where they radically reproduced. Then off to Boulder and well you know the rest.