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A Brief Respite from All the Bad News

Reported by Marie Therese - June 15, 2007 -

Each day on Special Report, host Brit Hume ends the show with a short clip from some comedy show or other - Letterman Leno or Kimmel, usually. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes just dumb. However, last night in a departure, Hume aired a clip that was - well - serious in it's own way, unexpected, exciting and totally wonderful. Here's how Hume teased it: "And finally something completely different and not for laughs. Not tonight. Be aware that programs like American Idol got their start in Britain where they thrive today. I give thanks tonight for YouTube, not for its often hilarious political content or for all the unguarded moments it captures, but because without YouTube I might never have come across this." Video below the fold. I decided to use the original high-quality video not the edited one Hume aired. Enjoy!