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Studio B Puts Positive Twist On Iraq Story

Reported by Donna - June 14, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a segment on with Jennifer Griffin reporting from the Pentagon (Comment: I don't know if Fox still has reporters in Iraq) and they put the best positive spin they could on the story. Before he brought out Jennifer Griffin Smith started out by saying that curfews and increased troop strength had kept new attacks to a minimum.

The segment was about the military finding a car bomb making factory in Iraq. He said the military said it was loaded with artillary and acid for making car bombs. Griffin said that the discovery was made on Monday. They found 4 automobiles being made ready for car bombs and artillery that could have made about 300 IED's. Griffin said the new progressive report said that 69% of IED's (she said those are car bombs) had been found between February and May, so they've taken a lot of these bombs off the streets.

But, she added that there was a rise in car bombings since the surge and that has led to a large number of attacks against civilians in Baghdad. (Comment: She said this like an afterthought)

Smith said there sounded like there were some places to find some hope in that report but a lot of negativity was in it and the Democrats were all over that. (Comment: Griffin had made most of the whole story positive, with very little negativity, what was Smith talking about?)

Griffin said that one of the biggest negative finds was that the legislation was not being passed by the Iraqi legislature that the U.S. thought should have been passed. Smith said that the president's detractors were saying that the surge has not worked but time would tell.

Comment: Apparently this declassified report had a lot of negativity as Smith reported, but they didn't go into detail of all the negativity in the report. Instead, the story focused on the positive aspects of the report. I would have liked to hear more about the negative aspects that the president's detractors (as Smith called them) were getting upset about.

It figures that after staying away from the stories in Iraq for so long that when they finally get back to reporting on them, they'd twist them to have a positive spin. It would also be nice to see Smith have as much passion for all the ongoing violence in Iraq as he does for the Duke Lacrosse men.