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Press Release From Boulder High Student About Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - June 14, 2007 -

Jesse Lange was scheduled to appear on The O'Reilly Factor last night, 6/13/07, with two friends Patrick Garrett and Mansur Gidfar. At the last moment, O'Reilly decided to only interview Mansur Gidfar. News Hound Chrish posted about the interview. Here's a press release we just received from Jesse Lange. 6/14/07:

Dear members of the press, My name is Jesse Lange. Along with my friends Mansur Gidfar and Patrick Garrett believe that Bill O'Reilly's outrage over and coverage of the Boulder High School's conference on wold affairs has been the quintessential example of hypocrisy.

Bill criticizes Joel Becker for saying
"I'm going to encourage you to have sex, and I'm going to encourage you to use drugs appropriately. (applause and cheering from audience ) And why I'm going to take that position is because you're going to do it anyway. "
Mr. O'Reilly and others claim that by assuming that teenagers will do drugs, you make them more likely to do so. So I will take a similar quote from p. 75 of the book, The O'Reilly Factor For Kids. First I would like to emphasize the word kids, Mr. O'Reilly feels that these sorts of statements were detrimental to the minds of teenagers, but what about kids?
"As for me, I'm not going to tell you to avoid sex, because in the end you will do what you want anyway."

That sounds strangely reminiscent of Becker's words. He is assuming that children will not listen to the mantra of "just say no." This goes back to his previous point of if you assume that kids will do something, they will. Bill goes on to talk about how he was a "loser" and didn't have any "moves." This forced him to wait until age 20 to have sex. Look at p. 76

Bill O'Reilly got incredibly outraged about the mention of drugs and using them appropriately. This is very ironic because he points out in his book for KIDS that marijuana is not a horrible drug.
"Many of you can play around with marijuana for a few years, then get on with your lives." p.67
This is interesting is there more? You bet.
"Your telling me that the best athletes, the most active leaders, and the most original students in your school are smoking marijuana? Most are not. Like many of you, they may have experimented--they may enjoy toking on Saturday nights at a party. But these people are rocking your teenage world because they are motivated, healthy, and hard-working kids the majority of the time. Like a brain surgeon who drinks a martini when he's not on call, the successful kids in your school may smoke pot on occasion, but they are not stoners. p. 67

You may be thinking "I'm puzzled Bill, I thought I heard you say on air that there was no way to use drugs appropriately." But wait there is more.

"I don't believe that marijuana is guaranteed to lead to heroin, or worse.... .... So the argument that smoking pot can lead to worse addictions is valid only for some people, not for all." p.66

So he cannot argue the fact that marijuana is a gate-way drug. Thanks to this next quote, he can't argue that marijuana causes dangerous behavior either.

"Except in very rare cases, pot is also less likely than alcohol to cause traffic accidents." p. 67

So I guess that by his own definition Bill O'Reilly is a "villain."

Some may argue that these quotes have been taken out of context. Because we criticized Mr. O'Reilly for taking quotes from the CWA out of context we refuse to sink to his level of hypocrisy. Attached are scanned pages from his book for KIDS containing these quotes.

Thank you for your time.
Jesse Lange

P.S. If you would like contact information for my peers just ask, and we would all be more than happy to appear on any show regardless of political bias to not only defend our school and the CWA, but to also to discuss our "press release."