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Studio B Breaks Silence On War In Iraq

Reported by Donna - June 13, 2007 -

After several days, possibly weeks since Studio B mentioned the war in Iraq they finally broke the silence and spoke about the strife in Iraq. They had a segment on the bombing of a mosque in Iraq. They still didn't touch on the deaths of civilians or soldiers in Iraq, but they at least mentioned that there is a war going on there.

We've been touching on the fact that the war in Iraq has virtually disappeared from Studio B in the past few weeks. They rectified that today when they spoke about the attack on a mosque in Iraq. Apparently they said that several Iraqi police were arrested, suspected of compliance in this bombing.

What was missing was the common occurance of 25 handcuffed bodies found in Iraq. A more in depth report can be found here from AP. In it it reported that General Petraeus told ABC News that that although he initially had a "terrible sinking feeling" after the attack, he believes there is reason to be optimistic in the fight against al-Qaida in Iraq. (Comment: Why this is so is a mystery to me, it would seem to be very pessimistic that police were found in compliance with the bombing)

Studio B said that Iraqi leaders were calling for a curfew and for more U.S. soldiers. The AP article said more than 3,000 al-Sadr loyalists staged a protest in Najaf, chanting, "No, no to America!", "No, no to Israel!" and "No, no to sedition!"

Comments: At last some evidence from Studio B that the war in Iraq is ongoing, but the report from AP and what Studio B reports are a bit different. Could it be cherry picking of information?