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More Warmongering from John Bolton and FOX News

Reported by Marie Therese - June 13, 2007 -

This morning on FOX News Live, anchor Jon Scott interviewed former U. N. Ambassador John Bolton. As most people know, Bolton has been one of the most vocal supporters of attacking Iran. Although he couches his warmongering in words like "sanctions," "U. N. resolutions" and "diplomacy," anyone familiar with his belligerent history knows that Bolton's real agenda is in line with the Project for a New American Century's concept of establishing American hegemony through force of arms. Bolton appeared on FOX News to analyze statements made yesterday by U. S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns during a press conference in Paris. Burns told reporters that the U. S. has "irrefutable evidence" that Iran is supplying arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan. With video.

Oddly enough, neither Jon Scott nor John Bolton bothered to mention the name "Nicholas Burns" to the FOX News viewers this morning. Why would they want to keep such a mundane piece of information secret from their audience, especially since Burns is a reliable, dependable mouthpiece for whatever message Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice espouses? (Speaking of Rice, has anyone seen her lately? It's as if she's dropped off the radar screen.)

Scott began his report by noting that there is an incipient "civil war" brewing in Palestine that may "draw Israel and Syria into the fighting," Scott continued, saying "That could force the United States to get involved."

John Bolton did his usual "I love the smell of war" song-and-dance, pushing for aggressive action against Iran.

However, Bolton, who notoriously just ignores any little "factoids" that cloud his fantasy of American world domination, was forced by Burns' announcement to address a glaring inconsistency.

Iran is Shi'a.

The Taliban is Sunni.

The Taliban hate the Shi'a.

Iran has supported Hamid Kharzai, our man in Afghanistan.

Why on earth would Iran start arming the Taliban, especially since that organization is rolling in illegal heroin profits and could certainly afford to buy large caches of weapons on the (extensive and lucrative) black market?

At one point both Scott and Bolton whined that the rest of the world doesn't seem to take Burns' announcement very seriously.

Well, maybe the rest of the world doesn't trust that our so-called "irrefutable evidence" is either irrefutable or evidence!

Given the Bush administration's track record leading up to the Iraq war, who can blame them?