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FOX News Blames Liberals And Feminists For Almost All Social Ills

Reported by Ellen - June 13, 2007 -

In honor of Father’s Day, Sean Hannity and guest Bernard Goldberg blamed liberals and feminists for the breakdown of the family and, for good measure, nearly all other social ills that they claimed arose as a result. With video.

Hannity introduced the discussion on last night’s (6/12/07) Hannity & Colmes with the following words:

As father’s day approaches, it highlights an alarming trend that is affecting our nation’s children and that’s fatherless families. Now, since 1960, the number of families without a father has jumped from 8% to 40%. Now, studies show that kids without a father figure are more likely to abuse drugs and engage in sexual activity. So who’s the culprit? Well, many blame President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and, more recently, feminists and liberals.

Who are the “many” that blame feminists and liberals? Hannity never said but one member of those allegedly teeming masses was Bernard Goldberg, the sole guest for the discussion. Goldberg never offered a single study nor a single statistic to back up the theory but that didn’t stop him from blithely proclaiming, “It’s a complex issue but feminists and other liberals bear a big responsibility for this mess.”

As the screen read, “Has this society turned America into a man hating country?” Goldberg went on to claim that the days of “Father Knows Best” are gone and now men are portrayed as jerks and bullies and “as not even being necessary” (referring to Maureen Dowd’s book). I’m surprised he didn’t long for the days when women knew their place was in the home, standing beside their man.

Though short on evidence for his theory, Goldberg was nevertheless long on vitriol toward his fellow Americans. Apparently convinced that just because he thought something, that made it so, he declared, “What liberals have done to kids in this society isn’t crazy, it’s criminal.”

Alan Colmes told Goldberg, “This is ridiculous” and pointed out how Johnson’s Great Society lowered poverty rates, hunger, malnurtiriton, and infant mortality rates substantially (and Colmes DID provide statistics). Goldberg acknowledged that the Great Society did some good but, he insisted, still without corroboration, “I can certainly blame elite, white women who are liberal feminists who ask questions like, ‘are men necessary?’”

And since Goldberg had missed attacking one of FOX News’ favorite scapegoats, Hannity broke into the discussion at the end to goad him into bashing Dan Rather who, Hannity falsely claimed, “is the guy and the show that manufactured these documents 40 days outside of an election.” In fact, the documents Hannity referred to were never conclusively proven to have been forged. The problem was that they had never been conclusively authenticated, according to CBS. Furthermore, there has never been any evidence beyond Hannity’s imagination that Rather committed forgery.

But hey, why worry about the facts when you’ve got a news network that allows baseless accusations -- so long as they’re aimed at liberals?