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Dick Morris begins book promos on FOX, will itemize for the clueless what they "should" be outraged at

Reported by Chrish - June 13, 2007 -

Dick Morris made a thankfully rare appearance today 6/12/07 on The Big Story, to make predictions for 2008 and to promote his new book, Outrage.

First Gibson gave some polling results: Republican Fred Thompson is in second place, even though he has not yet officially declared (Hmm, it seems Republicans can't get enough of those Hollywood actors in the White House) and Hillary Clinton is ahead 2:1 over Barack Obama in "the all-important women voters" category, "a huge lead." (Just the other day Gibson and Griff Jenkins did a segment mocking Clinton for attracting a mere 8,000 women to a fundraiser and denigrating the middle-aged female demographic.)

Morris predicted that the Republicans will run Giuliani (who is leading Thompson in the poll cited), Obama will settle for VP to Clinton's nomination, and Clinton will take the White House. He made a very gutteral sound of disgust at that final outcome, perhaps because he has vowed on H&C to leave the country if such should occur.

Morris has been pushing for a Hillary Clinton presidential nomination since before she announced. He has been scrupulously collecting rumors on her, preparing for a Swift-boat type movie that will garner him fame and fawning, and exact revenge on the Clintons for firing him when he was caught with a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Going to the book, Morris said "If you're feeling mad at the way things are going in America and you don't know why, you must watch FOX News this book is for you." There are fifteen topics in the book that are sources of outrage, and he claimed to back them up with facts and figures, naming names, and to offer solutions.

Three highlighted in yet another grade-school graphic were Politician's' nepotism, Dems terror blindspot, and Big Pharms pay-ola.

After naming Tom DeLay (who paid his wife and daughter over $500,000) without noting his party affiliation or indictment status, Morris only named Democrats, noting their party, and Independent Bernie Sanders. The lone picture of any named politician was Barbara Boxer, D-CA. (Comment: I couldn't help but notice he named three Democrats from California. What an interesting coincidence - if you believe in such things - that a recent report noted that California is home to a disproportionate number of corrupt House Republicans.)

Morris couldn't hide his smile as he described an anecdote about a female medical sales rep who offered an older Doctor "anything" to get him to agree to prescribe her company's brand. Morris wants a ban on drug company bribes to doctors.

They ran out of time and didn't get to discuss the "Dems terror blindspot" but Gibson made sure to mention it as he urged people to check out the book.

Comment: I will check it out, of the library, and see what his topics are. I'll make a prediction too: there won't be chapters on FEMA incompetence in NOLA and failure to follow-up, nor will there be one on the "Mess-o-potamia" (h/t Jon Stewart). Domestic spying without warrants and outing covert CIA agents, politicizing the Justice Department and 3,514 dead Americans in Iraq won't make the book either.