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Touting his supposedly bi-partisan "Outrage," Dick Morris focused on twice as many Democratic transgressions as Republicans

Reported by Ellen - June 12, 2007 -

Dick Morris visited Hannity & Colmes last night (6/11/07) to promote his new book, a supposedly bi-partisan look at the political people and institutions ripping us off. But it just so happened that twice as many Democrats as Republicans were singled out. There was no discussion about Jack Abramoff.

The Democrats cited by Morris were: Barbara Boxer and Howard Berman plus Independent Bernie Sanders for paying relatives to work on their political action committees; Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for having relatives working for companies trying to curry favor with them; Hillary Clinton for getting an earmark for the Women’s Hall of Fame after which she was inducted.

For good measure, he also brought up the supposed hypocrisy in the bylaws of the ACLU which, insteaed of championing free speech, prohibit public criticism of the board by a director.

Maybe it's just me but the offenses of the Republicans struck me as vastly more significant. Dennis Hastert made $2 million dollars from a land deal as the result of an earmark inserted into an appropriations bill; John Boehner passed out campaign contributions on the floor of the House from the tobacco companies. Tom DeLay was named but only because he also hired relatives. Nobody mentioned that he's under indictment for, essentially, money laundering.

Nothing about the cronyism of the Bush administration was mentioned.

You can watch most of the video on FOXNews.com (Note to FOX: the video stalls about four minutes in.) Transcript available here.