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O'Reilly's simple plan for simple minds

Reported by Chrish - June 12, 2007 -

Once again acknowledging the short attention span and superficial knowledge pandered to on his nightly Factor, 6/11/07 Bill O'Reilly offered his followers an immigration "plan" that was only one page long as opposed to the 800-page plan that had been being discussed in Congress.

O'Reilly even wrote "It is simple because, as you know, I am a simple man" (who demands fresh croissants; none of that grocery store crap for him.)

Here's his plan:

"1) secure the southern border with 700, not 300 miles of barrier, double the border patrol and back them up with 10,000 National Guards people. That would effectively shut down human and drug smuggling from Mexico.

2) require all illegal aliens in the country right now to register at the post office with Homeland Security. After registering, they would be given a tamper proof ID card, designating their status and their right to work temporarily in the USA. If the illegal aliens do not register, it's a criminal felony. Right now sneaking across the border is a civil action. Remember that. Subjecting the person to immediate deportation or jail time. The criminal penalty goes way up.

3) Any business that hires an illegal worker who doesn't have a tamper proof ID card faces draconian fines and possible prison time for the executives.

4) Each illegal alien would have his case reviewed by federal authorities. And they would decide who would receive a Z-visa to stay and who would not. That takes the blanket amnesty, something many American hate, off the table. It also allows the feds to make rational decisions about who's helping America and who isn't.

Under that banner, no illegal alien who commits a crime while here would be allowed to stay. Also under that program, no welfare of any kind would be paid to folks here illegally. They'd have to work for their living.

Again, any illegal alien who didn't cooperate with the new law would immediately become an outlaw. And immediate action could be taken against that non-citizen who doesn't comply. That would end the sanctuary city madness and give the federal government more tools to regain control over this out of control situation.

So there you have it — a fair plan to give good people a chance to stay here and earn citizenship down the road -- but a plan that also protects Americans. The No Spin immigration plan is, again, one page and not 800 pages. And it would work."

Presumably the other 799 pages in the Senate flesh out some pesky details, like where the money for all this intake, processing, analysis, tracking, incarcerating, transporting, materials, manpower, etc. etc. would come from. Then there's the pesky detail of who gets to decide which immigrants are "helping" America, and how to handle families with members who are at varying levels of "helpfulness."

The white knight rides in again with his common sense, simple no-spin solution, and once again it is useless and empty.