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Fighting To Make The World Safe For McDonald’s And Starbucks

Reported by Ellen - June 12, 2007 -

Having cut and run from covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, FOX News presented yet another report from Oliver North on the “war on terror” operation going on in the Philippines. For the third Hannity & Colmes in a row last night (6/11/07), North talked about how successful a joint Philippine/US operation has been in “decapitating” Islamic terrorist groups and helping to bring stability to the region (never mind some hostages and a kidnapped Italian priest mentioned in passing). But then Philippine General Sabban expressed optimism that vanquishing terrorism would bring about a McDonald’s in Manila or a Starbucks in Cebu. With video.

A little less than two and a half minutes into the segment, North asked Sabban, “Can you envision a time, General, when this beautiful island will be free of terrorism?”

Sabban answered, “I’m very positive in the next few years, the economy of this region will boom. Especially, this is part of the East Asia growth area. And we foresee that with all the abundant resources here in Mindanao, who knows? Later on, we might see a Starbucks in Cebu or McDonald’s in Manilla.”

North chuckled and said, “One of those trying to make that all happen is standing here beside me, Colonel David Maxwell.” To Maxwell’s credit, he talked about the mission, not McDonald’s.