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Joe Lieberman Closing in on Invoking the Mushroom Cloud Regarding Iran

Reported by Melanie - June 11, 2007 -

Joe Lieberman (I-CT) was Neil Cavuto's first guest today (June 11, 2007). He was on to repeat the remarks he made about attacking Iran on Face the Nation yesterday but he went a step farther with Cavuto.

Reiterating what he said yesterday, Lieberman said "what's clear" to him is that a "major conflict is emerging in the region between Iran and it's agents in the rest of the region. It's agents, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Palestinian Authority areas, and the extremists in Iraq."

He said, "...our military has been making clear for months now that the Iranians are training and equipping extremists to come into Iraq and they are killing with explosive devices a lot of Americans and Iraqis." He said he thinks "it's time for them to understand" that we're prepared to knock out "the bases at which they're training these killers." He said he isn't talking about a "massive land invasion," but "a strike to send a message to the Iranians."

Asked about Bill Richardson's assertion that we should talk to Iran and possibly impose sanctions, Lieberman said the Iranians "have taken a belligerent act against us...and if they feel they can get away with that, they'll just keep doing it, not only in Iraq, but elsewhere throughout the Middle East and here in the United States of America, so I respectfully disagree with Bill Richardson on this one. Talk is not enough." (Emphasis added.)

Comment: Anyone smell a mushroom cloud coming?