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Bill O'Reilly Claims Liberal Media Is Trying To Influence Voters

Reported by Deborah - June 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly returned to his usual routine tonight attacking the liberal media but this time with a twist. For the segment with Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin he pondered what the media is doing to ensure that a Democrat will win in 2008. Andrea Mitchell became his victim for telling Tim Russert that the Republicans during the debate were playing to their base talking about torture. Michelle Malkin fell right in step with O'Reilly but Kirsten Powers did such an exceptional job debating them that BOR temporarily lost control and starting yelling at her. about subliminal messages. 6/11/07 Video added 6/12/07

After showing a quick soundbite of Mitchell making the comment about Republicans playing to their base during the debate, O'Reilly attacked her ethics as a " hard news" journalist who should never express an opinion calling her a " committed" liberal.

Malkin really tried to anger conservative viewers saying that when she worked at NBC she heard people say " conservatives are stupid, conservatives are evil".

Kirsten Powers wasn't buying any of it.. She said they were all trying to "out Jack Bower" each other at the debate. Powers also thought Mitchell's comment was accurate and no big deal.

O'Reilly didn't like the fact that Powers was ruining his distortion and his voice started to rise.

" You did get the subliminal message!" Powers tried to respond and then he yelled, " Did you or did you not get the subliminal message?"

After Malkin soothed him with her blather, he concluded sarcastically, "All the Republicans torture. The Republican is the torture party."

Maybe O'Reilly heard the report this morning on NPR about the recent polling that showed rural Americans are no longer reliably Republican.

"Forty-six percent of the survey respondents indicated they'd vote for an un-named Democratic candidate for president if the election were held today; 43 percent favored a Republican. That's a statistical dead heat, given the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 3.46 percent.

The numbers reflect a plunge in Republican support among rural voters. Exit polls from the 2000 presidential election had Republican George Bush beating Democrat Al Gore by 22 per cent in rural areas. In 2004, the actual vote tally showed President Bush outpolling his Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, by 19 percent among rural voters."

comment: Now it won't be enough to just attack Democrats for Bush bashing and being against the war since the majority of Americans are in agreement Tomorrow Tanya Reiman, body language guru, will probably observe Andrea Mitchell and claim her thumb twitched to the left just like Rosie O'Donnell's which might profoundly influence the 2008 outcome.

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