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Some Important News FNC Had No Time To Cover This Week

Reported by Deborah - June 10, 2007 -

FOX News had their hands full this week covering really important news that could seriously impact our lives like Paris Hilton's tragic legal and emotional problems or John Edwards campaigning with Danny Glover. Who can blame them if there was no time to cover less important stories like President Bush's role in the G8 climate change talks . So I thought it might be nice to give FNC a hand by sharing some other reports on this issue that might have been explored by FOX if only there had been enough time.

Recently Rupert Murdoch announced that FNC would be taking a more proactive role in solving the climate change crisis. With that in mind, it's interesting that the G8 climate crisis talks were not extensively explored on FOX News this week. Americablog compiled a list of reports about how little was accomplished at the G8 because of Bush's lack of cooperation about benchmarks.

However, FOX does express concerns about some global warming issues. Molly Hennenberg interviewed a representative from World Ahead books who is taking on Scholastic Books for publishing a guide to global warming for kids by Laurie David. World Ahead Publishing thinks it's just too scary for children compared to their book ,"The Sky's Not Falling". Now that's the kind of environmental reporting that will make a difference.

comment: FOX News might have mentioned this topic during the week but I definitely missed it. The story was covered on the FOX News website. However, I believe this was a major news story that should have been covered as extensively as Paris Hilton. Considering the enormous amount of time I spend monitoring Fox News, it would be reasonable to assume that I should have seen this story repeated many times and analyzed by various environmental experts especially now that FOX has supposedly developed environmental conciousness.