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John Edwards, the Paris Hilton of Democrats? Only on Fox News!

Reported by Chrish - June 10, 2007 -

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla

There actually has been more news, this week, beyond the Paris Hilton story. President Bush attended the G8 Summit in Germany. There has been a major shake-up of leadership positions at the Pentagon. And there was a televised debate among all the Republican candidates for the presidency. But Fox loves its tabloid, and in true Enquirer style, Julie Banderas began The Big Story with this tantalizing tease: “David Letterman’s son could be in danger, once again, right now.” Banderas told us that the man who was convicted of plotting to kidnap Letterman’s son has broken out of jail. Banderas promised us more details later in the program.

Then, without further ado, Banderas launched into her lead off segment which consisted of trashing Paris Hilton. We learned that Paris dropped out of a very “prestigious” Manhattan school (but received her GED). We learned that Paris’s mother was married four times – once, to a Mafia member. (Comment: when the wealthy are criticized by Democrats, Fox considers it bad “class warfare.”)

Banderas then moved on to a story about a Las Vegas high school cheerleading coach who has been running a prostitution ring. She told us about a murder suspect who turned himself in because “Jesus told him to.” Politics (with a dash of the Fox Fear Factor) finally entered the picture when Banderas reported that “there may be more suspects in the plot to blow up the fuel tanks at JFK.” While noting that “some experts are calling the plot far fetched,” she assured us that the feds are still saying that this alleged plot could have been a disaster of great magnitude. (Comment: Banderas did not use the word “alleged” before plot.)

About 20 minutes into the program, Banderas moderated a discussion about John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani’s “war of words.” Banderas' two guests were Lara Dyan of Chick Chat Radio and Mark Williams, a syndicated right wing talk show host. (Comment: why does Fox insist on using radio personalities to discuss politics when there are so many political reporters and pundits available?)

Banderas began the segment by saying that the candidates were “still going at it” and there is “new information that the JFK terror plot is growing larger and more people could be involved.” Banderas felt that “for Giuliani, it could be great thing and for Edwards, a bad thing.” She asked “um, does this give Giuliani’s side more ammunition?” Dyan cited the recent accusations thrown by Giuliani and Edwards at each other (Edwards – Giuliani is a “fear monger” and Giuliani – Edwards is “deluded.”) She said that instead of “throwing bombs,” the candidates should be “discussing the issues.” She noted that the JFK terror plot is terrifying and the candidates should be trying to figure out how to make America feel safe. (Comment: thought Bush already did that).

Williams then made the bizarre comment that “Edwards is the consummate result of what we’ve been trying to do with our kids for a couple of generations. We are raising a generation of veal calves waiting for the slaughter.” He made the unsubstantiated claim that Edwards is on record as saying that he doesn’t believe that the US is under attack from any quarter. Williams added that “Rudy recognizes that we’ve been attacked and there’s a war. John Edwards doesn’t. He’s a MALE PARIS HILTON.”

Dyan added that Edwards is the only candidate who has commented on Paris Hilton to which Banderas responded that Edwards was trying to appeal to the young “demos.” (Did she mean demographics or Democrats?) Williams questioned whether “basing an election on appealing to the lowest common denominator, the most oblivious among us is what we need.” (Comment: was he describing the Fox audience?) He later said that “these people for whom Paris is the center of everything, we don’t want these people voting.” (Comment: If we want to do some Paris comparisons, how about Giuliani’s public “affairs” and cross dressing party appearances!)

Williams, who did most of the talking, praised Giuliani’s competence, his abilities to clean up the mess and “pound compromise among widely divergent interests.”

Comment: Rather than a substantive discussion on the validity of the charges being thrown between the two candidates, this quickly morphed into a bash Edwards session and then concluded as a campaign ad for Giuliani –with the perfunctory dose of fear. There is a reason why Williams is not interviewed by reputable news networks. Williams’ comparison of Edwards to Hilton is a great example of the agenda driven quality of “journalism” that you see on Fox News which really should be broadcasting on the Comedy Channel!

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla