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Paris Hilton, Bridezilla and Mushroom Clouds Over NYC on Fox & Friends

Reported by Deborah - June 9, 2007 -

Fox & Friends Weekend, always a fluffy affair, found time today between endless Paris Hilton coverage and a Bridezilla segment to remind viewers that the terrorists want to kill us with a segment about what to do if a major city is nuked. 6/9/07

Greg Kelly and Kelly Wright introduced Ash Carter, who wrote a report about preparing for a nuclear attack on a major city. F&F told viewers the possibility is quite real considering North Korea, Iran and Pakistan and the recent movement of "global terrorism into the Americas" The nuke explosion shown on Fox's "24" was also offered as a reminder that the threat is real.

There were no details offered about the report. Carter, using New York as the hypothetical city of a potential attack, claimed that everyone in midtown would be killed by the blast or radiation but the Boroughs and New Jersey would be fine.

Carter was asked about fallout shelters and he was upbeat saying everyone would be fine if they spent 3 days in their basements adding that people wouldn't like the inconvenience but they should stay put. He made no mention of radiation killing people outside of midtown.

He warned that survivors shouldn't walk the streets like they did on 9/11 making sure that viewers made the 9/11 connection. Carter optimistically noted that it wouldn't be like Katrina since the local and state governments would not be in charge. He actually seemed to think the prospect of a federal plan would ease anxiety. Greg Kelly ended the segment declaring Ash Carter's comments " scary but honest ".

Soon after this segment there was a quick report on the JFK terror plot offering nothing new but suggesting that there were other locations in danger of attack.

comment: Ash Carter sure didn't make me feel like the federal government have it under control with an adequate plan. If all of Midtown would be poisoned by radation, how could the boroughs and New Jersey be okay? Do they plan to use left over duct tape and plastic sheeting to make a bubble over NYC. Also, who came up with the 3 days in a basement plan and even if the radiation blew away in that time where do they think it would go.

I have no doubt that Ash Carter has a lot more information he could have shared but he wasn't given the chance. The FOX message was simple. A nuke attack could and probably will happen but it will be just like "24" and nothing really horrible will happen to anyone but New Yorkers but let's not focus on that horrifying reality. Just don't forget that you need to be afraid.