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How Did Ann Coulter Get On A FOX Financial Show?

Reported by Deborah - June 9, 2007 -

The Bulls & Bears panel was in a tizzy today because Ann Coulter had become a member of the weekly cast. It's hard to say what sort of financial expertise Coulter possesses to qualify her for this position but no matter. One of the delirious male panel members gushed about Coulter joining the team, "I'm star struck", which pretty much explains FOX's decision to put Coulter on the show.

As if to prove how little they care about delivering quality financial information to viewers, Brenda Buttner asked Coulter for her opinion on Paris Hilton. Coulter dismissed Hilton and her " brat pack friends" as " big Democrats".

However, the creepiest part of the show was seeing Tobin Smith play around with an Ann Coulter doll he brought along. It would have been weird enough if he just held it up and commented but he kept making it dance around calling it an " action figure" and not a doll. Coulter was lapping it up tossing her hair and flirting madly. Then Smith made this sleazy remark.

" I want to see the Ann Coulter doll and the Paris Hilton doll go at it."

comment: At this point, I was about to lose my breakfast so I left just as Coulter was about to rip up Hillary Clinton. I'm sure I missed some important financial tips missing that segment.