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The Big Story was wall-to-wall Paris Hilton

Reported by Chrish - June 8, 2007 -

The entire hour of The Big Story today 6/8/07 was wall-to-wall Paris hilton; photos, video, legal analysis and other punditry. Maybe this show should be moved over to the FOX Entertainment Group.

One remotely interesting note: recently on Fridays instead of the odious My Word segment, Gibson has been awarding "winners and losers" of the week. This week the obvious choice for loser was Paris Hilton , with her mom Cathy second. The big winner? The media. We haven't witnessed a circus like this since OJ's slow speed Bronco chase. Gibson awarded the super-duper winner award to TMZ.com's Harvey Levin, who has become a major source for FOX News in the past year or so. Funny, considering TMZ is alternately described as "a tabloid journal" and a "celebrity news site."

That is SO FOX: bash the New York Times daily but use TMZ as your go-to guys.