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Why does this man have a "news" network program?

Reported by Chrish - June 7, 2007 -

Frankly, I'm stunned at the level of moronic commentary and sheer dishonesty related in this Media Matters article regarding John Gibson's radio show.

I don't listen to talk radio, ever, so had no idea of the depths. I've heard a few clips here and there, mainly O'Reilly, and was aware that they are more vitriolic and bold than on TV, but this is just flat out lying to an audience. How can anyone take FOX News seriously knowing that the host of a supposed news show is a paid liar? How can anyone take the television network seriously if their sister radio network allows, hell, pays for this kind of right-wing misinformation?

GIBSON: Well, you know, the -- I know they're listening. Media Matters was founded in the offices of John Podesta, a Hillary apparatchik. They have been taking money from the Tides Foundation, which is a George Soros-funded operation. Over a short period of years, got $3.5 million, and they spend all their time now attacking anybody who breathes a word about not liking Hillary.

This explains the trolls a bit more.