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Republicans Think That Scooter Libby Should Be Pardoned

Reported by Marie Therese - June 7, 2007 -

Yesterday (6-6-07) on Special Report, anchor Brit Hume reported on the groundswell of support among Republicans for a Presidential pardon for Scooter Libby. "Scooter Libby had barely left the courthouse yesterday when speculation began about whether President Bush might pardon him," Hume said. "...The subject even came up in last night's Presidential debate." Later FOX correspondent Bret Baier noted that both the President and Vice-President had chimed in with commiserations for Libby and his family. Additionally, possible GOP candidate Fred Thompson told FOX's Sean Hannity that Libby's conviction is a "gross injustice perpetuated in large part by this CIA and this Justice Department and this Special Counsel who they appointed and it ought to be rectified." With video.

During Tuesday night's debate GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said he thought the sentence was "grossly excessive" and felt that what the judge did "argues more in favor of a pardon." Mitt Romney accused Patrick Fitzgerald of abusing "prosecutorial discretion." Sam Brownback indicated he would pardon Libby.

Bret Baier went on to explain that "conservative blogs and conservative magazine editorials started calling for a pardon minutes after Tuesday's sentence in part because the political damage could be contained."


What can you expect from a group of politicians who rose to power under "The Hammer" Tom Delay?

The poor guys (and gals) are so ethically challenged that they don't see how bad it would look to rank-and-file Republicans if the President pardoned his good buddy Scooter.

Why, voters might think the pardon was being issued to keep good ol' Scooter quiet.

Imagine that.