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Look, up in the sky! It'a a bird, it's a plane, it's a....Pig!

Reported by Chrish - June 7, 2007 -

Yes, pigs are flying. john Gibson is agreeing with Al Sharpton, and I'm agreeing (somewhat) with Bill O'Reilly.

Unfortunately it's on a matter of no real importance, but there must be some underlying wish for justice. Yes, folks, Paris Hilton's "relocation" from her county jail cell to her family's Hollywood mansion is ticking off just about everyone.

John Gibson said, in his My Word segment tonight 6/7/07

"Look, when he's right he's right. No matter what you think of Rev. Al, it is hard to imagine that anywhere in America a black woman is getting out of jail today because her shrink says she's about to have a nervous breakdown. He says it wouldn't happen, and I agree."

He went on to say that it is probably more an issue of her wealth rather than her lack of pigment:

"During the O.J. trail we used to say it wasn't so much black and white in play but green. O.J. had money, so he could hire the best and fight back. Many white people have that advantage, while with African-Americans, not so much.

Somewhere in America there must be a young African-American girl in jail who should get what Paris Hilton got today: a pass. Is it going to happen? Unless she's got a rich daddy and a high-priced shrink and a slick lawyer, probably not.

I don't know if I'd call that situation racism per se, but it is rich white privilege in action, that is for sure. So give Rev. Al one. He's right about this."

Bill O'Reilly's Top Story included two guests, Defense Attorney John Patrick Dolan and "investigative journalist" Pat Lalama. O'Reilly and Lalama were in agreement that Hilton got preferential treatment in being relocated, but Dolan insisted that her sentence was disproportionately harsh in the first place because of her fame. It was a typically unbalanced O'Reilly segment, with him overtalking and arguing with the attorney and giving the guest with whom he agreed the last word.

O'Reilly made comments to the effect that he'd like to be sentenced to Hilton's "palatial" home, aerial photography shown. This was pure pandering to the "folks," as O'Reilly lives in a grand home of his own right on the Long Island Sound with an appraisal in the same 7-figure range as the Hilton home.

Comment: Not having followed the Hilton case, I can't comment on the justice of her sentence. But since it was handed down, it seems glaringly obvious that she was allowed to leave jail because of her privileged status.

Privilege: a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor
Everyone knows that money talks and wealth has many and varied privileges, which is why O'Reilly is anxious to maintain the "white, Christian male power structure."

I'm just irritated to see a spoiled princess get her way by crying.