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Getting under O'Reilly's thin skin

Reported by Chrish - June 7, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly went on defense yesterday, admittedly vindictive, when he complained in his Talking Points Memo that "the far left smear machine has cranked up." Translated, that means we reproduced his own words and pointed out his misrepresentation.

O'Reilly did admit that there was mention of the JFK plot on the front page of The New York Times last Sunday,

"These dishonest websites are saying that because The New York Times listed the JFK story in the small box on Page 1 last Sunday, "

but denied that his earlier TPM was incorrect:
"...that my reporting is false. How ridiculous."

That earlier reporting said:

"On page one of Sunday's New York Times was this story: some poor people in India making bricks.

Now I'm not making this up. You see it. This is not The Colbert Report. This is “The Factor” and this is the fact. On page one of The New York Times instead of the JFK terror arrests we saw some Indian people with bricks."

and included a photo of the top half of the New York Times, deliberately obscuring the lower half, where viewers would have seen the headline "4 Charged in bomb plot at Kennedy Airport."

Spin, twist, blow smoke, point fingers, throw on-air tantrums: face it, O'Reilly misled his audience to advance his agenda item, that the NYT wants a Democrat in the White House.