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Studio B Avoids Democratic Debate, Has Three Segments On Republican Debate

Reported by Donna - June 6, 2007 -

On Monday on Studio B there was virtually not a word about Sunday night's Democratic debate. When it came to last night's Republican Debate it was covered in full, not just in one segment, but in three. Plus they had a segment on Fred Thompson who appeared with Hannity and Colmes last night. It was practically a full hour report on the Republican candidates.

Studio B had Angela McGlowan, Fox Political Analyst and author of Bamboozled and Fox Political Analyst, Susan Estrich on to critique the debate. McGlowan thought that Romney won the debate, She didn't think that the debate was that newsworthy. She said that liberals got a kick out of Giuliani's response about abortion. Estrich said that the Republicans were beating up on George Bush and this was a problem in the long run for the Republicans. Estrich said that Guiliani and Romney had won with Republicans and if you're a Democrat you liked McCain. (Comment: If you're a Democrat you liked McCain?)

McGlowan said that McCain's immigration plan wasn't playing well with Republicans and some people thought he looked polished and presidential but some people thought he looked tired and old. Smith said that a lot of the experts thought that Romney won the debate and showed a clip of Romney talking about believing in his lord and savior. McGlowan said if Romney is the candidate then liberals would go after him and Al Sharpton had already started to do that. (Comment: Excuse me, but since when did right wingers care what Al Sharpton said?)

Estrich said that the people she heard that were most upset with his religion were Southern Baptists. McGlowan said someone better talk to Al Sharpton because he spoke and a lot of people don't understand that religion. (Comment: Why would anyone speak to a Democrat, Al Sharpton, about what he said about a Republican?)

The second segment was about the candidates and the immigration policy. Smith asked why the Republicans went away from President Bush. Estrich said it could have something to do with his popularity polls. (Comment: Or lack, thereof) She also said that Bush was in favor of the immigration policy that McCain and Kennedy were for. She mentioned that at least McCain was doing something about immigration where Romney had hired illegal immigrants and now attacks McCain.

McGlowan said that the McCain immigration plan was not popular with conservatives. She then spoke of how popular Fred Thompson was because he was a Washington outsider. (Comment: So was Bush) Shepard Smith asked Susan Estrich if Democrats were afraid of Fred Thompson, afraid of him capturing the base. Estrich said he's as popular as he's ever going to be, that you never have a better day than the day before you announce. She said the point is no one was going after him now and that's why he was popular.

McGlowan said that McCain and Giuliani had issues and Romney had flip flopping issues so Fred Thompson might be the answer.

By the third segment with the same two people it turned into a 'it's Clinton's fault' that Osama Bin Laden was alive to have 9/11 happen. The Republican strategist felt so sorry for the president because all of the Republican candidates were distancing themselves from him that she went after Clinton.

Comments: All I can say is the Republican Party is in bad shape if all they have is Clinton to blame and think they can overlook the two terms of George Bush that have got our country into the shape it is today. The Republican pundit sounded like she was putting all of her marbles into a Fred Thompson run.

It's also amazing that Studio B virtually ignored the Democratic debate but practically spent an entire hour on the Republican debate and Fred Thompson. Fair and balanced? I don't think so.