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FOX News Stacks The Debate Analysis On Hannity & Colmes To Favor Republicans

Reported by Ellen - June 6, 2007 -

On Monday’s (6/4/07) Hannity & Colmes, the guests who analyzed the Democratic candidates' debate of the night before were Republicans Dick Morris and Frank Luntz. Last night (6/5/07), the analysts for that night's Republican debate were Republican Ann Coulter and “former Democratic pollster” Pat Caddell. As Media Matters has noted, Caddell has distinguished himself by having an unusual enthusiasm for attacking Democrats. Fair and balanced? Not!

Coulter was her usual giddy, hair-flouncing, playing cutesy-angry-for-Colmes self, though, unlike her last Hannity & Colmes appearance, she did appear to be sober. Caddell spent more time knocking Democrats than he did critiquing Republicans. But, when he did, Republicans often came out favorably. For example, Caddell said that Fred Thompson is “a man of great integrity… running a kind of interesting campaign… I think he may be on to something.”

On the other hand, “As a Democrat, I’m worrying about the general election because in fact the pressure in some, of the push inside to the extreme is very bad. I watched the debate and I’m going ‘uh-oh.’” He allowed as how Joe Biden was “terrific.” But Edwards, he claimed, “out Romney(ed) Romney.” He added that it’s “frightening” to watch Edwards “dragging everyone to the far left.”

Surely, the FOX News producers knew the kind of pro-Republican, anti-Democratic commentary Caddell would provide. And yet the FOX News pundits still whine about Democrats who don't want the network to host their debates.