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Fox Host Points Out That 1/2 Of All Alcohol Related Accidents Are Commited By Hispanics During Illegal Immigrant Story

Reported by Donna - June 6, 2007 -

In a subtle position on racism, Studio B had a story on about an illegal immigrant driving a car and killing someone. The illegal immigrant was drunk and had obtained a license under some else's name.

That's all fine to report but why did Trace Gallagher step in and quote a statistic on Hispanics and alcohol related accidents on this one illegal immigrant story?

Trace Gallagher said, "Across the country twice the number of alcohol related accidents involve Hispanics. We're not breaking it down to legal or illegal. Twice the number of any other ethnicity is Hispanics and that's a problem in North Carolina, Iowa and a number of states across the country."

Shepard Smith said that they would report later tonight about the illegal immigrant crisis.

Comment: The story starts with one illegal immigrant driving drunk and killing someone and in the middle of the story Gallagher comes on and gives us Hispanic statistics. Yes, the statistics might be true but it's the interweaving of the stories that registers in some people's minds. It's like illegal immigrant = Hispanic. Hispanic = alcohol related accidents.

There was no way from the story that we knew it was a Hispanic person who was involved in the accident until Trace Gallagher gave his statistics.

This is a form of subtle racism that Fox tries to and succeeds in getting away with.