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Bill O'Reilly Goes Wild Over John Edwards and Danny Glover.

Reported by Deborah - June 6, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly was hysterical with malicious joy tonight because John Edwards and Danny Glover campaigned together in South Carolina. He felt so confident about his ability to significantly scar Edwards with this tidbit of news, he invited two Democrats for the segment, Jane Fleming and Laura Schwartz. However, O'Reilly needn't have bothered to have anyone on with him since he never stopped his verbal assault long enough for them to make a point.

The name calling was rampant tonight. He started off with Chyrons saying " Radical Buddies" and "Imploding Candidate" and then called Edwards " stone cold stupid" for teaming with Glover claiming he was " the fringe".

He insisted that Edwards now polled at 8%. When Fleming disagreed with his poll numbers but wasn't prepared with another to prove her point, O'Reilly quipped joyfully," It was the Danny Glover Poll'. Not surprisingly, O'Reilly really overstated the 8% result All of the recent polls have him in double digits and the 8% number was found in the ABC Poll but only when Gore was added to the mix.

The combination of malice, amusement, joy and anger got stranger to watch. He started a mumble rant about Chavez and wondered why Edwards just didn't have Chavez campaigning with him. When Fleming tried to make a point about Edwards good work with the Unions, O'Reilly interrupted saying it was like a " Republican dragging David Duke out."

Fleming once again tried to express an opinion that Edwards would do fine but BOR didn't like that. " He's not going to do fine. Got his butt kicked. He's not a contender." Then he proclaimed, "The Republican Party would love to run against John Edwards."

This must be seen to be believed.