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The O'Reilly Ambush Posse Rides Into Cherry Hill, NJ

Reported by Deborah - June 5, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's traveling crew take their job seriously. They realize their responsibility to Factor viewers who expect to see those evil doers ambushed and forced to talk. Tonight they showed us the mean streets of suburban Cherry Hill. New Jersey where they confronted the Cherry Hill Police Chief and the Duka brother's Dad.

Cherry Hill is right over the bridge from Philly and I know it quite well but who knew they had a police chief. That was a shocker. When he was ambushed and asked why he hadn't reported the Duka brothers to Homeland Security after all their arrests, I almost laughed. The poor man looked totally perplexed and blew them off with a promise of an interview in his office. O'Reilly made it seem very sinister but it was just kind of silly.

Then they took on Mr Duka who was a lovely, sweet guy standing on his pristine lawn in a friendly middle class neighborhood. The neat little houses had white siding and the children were out playing. It was impossible for the crew to intimidate Duka who was very open, warm and anxious to chat. They wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Dukas were here illegally. When they asked Duka how he got here he told them in detail without fear or shame.
They threw some questions out about his sons' bad behavior but what was the guy supposed to

The whole thing made me feel sad. I hope, at least, they turned off the camera and asked him how he kept his lawn looking so nice or if he had any grandchildren. I hope they shook his hand when they left.