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O'Reilly ignores FOX poll, cherry picks others for worst possible picture of "dopey" John Edwards

Reported by Chrish - June 5, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's targets in tonight's Talking Point Memo 6/4/07 were the New York Times and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, whom O'Reilly has already stated he doesn't like. Using his national editorial platform to attack figures who disagree with him/the Bush administration is nothing new for O'Reilly, and twisting the facts to suit his conclusion is not uncommon either.
With video.

O'Reilly is incensed at the New York Times' decision to place the story about the broken-up terror plot aimed at fuel lines at JFK airport on page 37. Every other NY paper had them on page one, where they *should* have been, he declared. He translated that editorial decision into "The Times" not being concerned with Muslim guys trying to set up another 9/11. (Note: there will never be "another 9/11.") He was disdainful and mocking of their front-page choice this past Sunday: "Some Indian people, with bricks." (Actually a look at India's economy, but that's so, so foreign And brown.)

O'Reilly's got the Times figured out. They're going to downplay every "terror" story, unless there is another successful attack, in which case they'll say that despite the Bush administration's fascism, we still got hit again. It's a win-win for the Times, sayeth O'Reilly.

It's the hallmark of the far-left, and speaking of far-left, did anyone see John Edwards last night, reiterating that the "war on terror" is a bumper sticker slogan? O'Reilly, who don't forget has publicly stated has a bias against Edwards, says he is not smart enough to figure out that his "strategy" is killing him, and cited an ABC poll that shows a 6-point drop for Edwards (to 8%) in the last month.

Now how likely is it that O'Reilly would cite another poll (Quinnipiac University), that showed an increase of 6% for Edwards in the same period? Or even a more modest gain, only 4%, in the WNBC/Marist Poll? I know he wouldn't want to cite rival CNN, where Edwards only stayed even, but he could have shown the same steadiness in the Gallup poll. Heck, he could have used the FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll, but oopsy, that shows Edwards up a point in the last month. Take Al Gore out of the hypothetical and he's up even further, to 15%! Well shoot, no wonder O'Reilly cited the ABC poll: it shored up his conclusion/Talking Point that John Edwards' anti-war stance is hurting him. (All poll figures from PollingReport.com.)

Unfortunately, his luddite viewers will not seek any info beyond what Papa Bird coughs up for them.

O'Reilly went on to say that John Edwards looks "dopey" (because, refuting the slogan is tantamount to denying the existence of terrorism, period), the NYTimes looks dishonest, and the far-left loses all day long which is, of course, a good thing.

"What is not a good thing is the press using its power to help a political party in its news pages. That is corrupt."

Well, I guess that makes FOX the most corrupt name in news.