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O'Reilly busted for another big fat one

Reported by Chrish - June 5, 2007 -

Someday it will cease to amaze, but not today. Think Progress caught Bill O'Reilly in a gross misrepresentation of the Sunday New York Times in his Talking Points Memo last night 6/4/07.

O'Reilly complained that the paper buried the story of the alleged terror plot against fuel lines at JFK airport on page 37 and used that premise (a lie that he most certainly knew was untrue) to blast the paper for not caring about terrorism. He ascribed politics to their news placement decision, saying that they want to downplay terror because they see it as a Republican strongpoint.

O'Reilly even went so far as to show a copy of Sunday's New York Times front page - top half only - and chastised the Times for not putting the story on page one, like the other NY papers, as they *should* have done. Then he said "Now I’m not making this up. You see it. This is not the Colbert Report. This is The Factor and this is the fact. On page one, The New York Times instead of the JFK terror arrests we saw some Indian people with bricks."

Well. Well well well. Take a gander at the images at Think Progress and you'll see that below the fold, page one, New York Times Sunday Edition 6/3/07 is the headline "4 Charged in bomb plot at Kennedy Airport."

So, we have a major news (sic) media personality LYING to his viewers, deliberately misinforming them and misrepresenting another news outlet to besmirch their reputation in the cause of advancing a far-right political agenda. Fair and balanced? No spin?

To top it all off, O'Reilly had the audacity to end his segment, after LYING to his viewers, with this piece of self-righteous hypocrisy:

"What is not a good thing is the press using its power to help a political party in its news pages. That is corrupt."

Bill O'Reilly = corrupt.