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Neil Cavuto Bashes Democrats, Plays the Fear Card, Says Paris Hilton (like Tom DeLay) is a Genius, but is Silent on Scooter Libby

Reported by Melanie - June 5, 2007 -

If there ever was an hour on Fox that illustrated how Fox serves as a mouthpiece for the far right, today's (June 5, 2007) Your World w/Neil Cavuto was it.

As the show began, I was watching with particular interest, wondering how Cavuto would cover the sentencing today of Dick Cheney's right hand man, Scooter Libby.

Cavuto opened with a FOX NEWS ALERT and tossed to reporter Kris Gutierrez in New Orleans who talked about William Jefferson and how only "two Dems" are using the "resignation word," after Jefferson's indictment yesterday. After Gutierrez's report, Cavuto introduced Adam Putnam (R-Fl) who called for Jefferson's "immediate resignation." Putnam was followed by Ben Ferguson and Jane Fleming who "discussed" (such as "discussions" are on Fox), per the chyron, "Are Dems Paying a Price for Not Being Tougher on Corruption?"

Leaving corrupt Democrats for a moment, Cavuto turned to the old standby -- terror. Steve Harrigan reported from Trinidad on the latest in the JFK Airport "terror plot," and then Cavuto hosted Paul Williams, the author of The Day of Islam, in a discussion about a camp just outside New York City called "Islamberg," that Fox surmised was an Islamic "terror training ground."

Having injected half of its hourly dose of fear, Fox turned back to hate and brought on Rear Adm. David Oliver, a military advisor to John Edwards, and grilled him about why John Edwards would say that the term, "War on Terror" is a bumber sticker phrase and why he has "changed his tune" (think: flip flop), after using that phrase repeatedly during the 2004 presidential campaign.

Next came Joel Rosenberg, the author of Epicenter, who discussed whether Putin is "trying to start a new Cold War," and then Evan Bayh (D-In), who just returned from Russia, on the growing tensions between Russia and the U.S.

Okay, enough of the hate, back to bashing the Democrats. Sascha Burns, a Democratic strategist was on to discuss, per the chyron, "Hillary Clinton: Things Have to be Taken Away from Some People," about, well, this.

Enough of the serious stuff, let's do sex! Next came a celebrity reporter-type who discussed how Paris Hilton will be an "even hotter" commodity after she gets out of prison, and Cavuto got to air his favorite video for the umpteenth time -- the extremely provocative ad Hilton made for the Carl's Jr. hamburger chain.

Next came Fox's entertainment report, Bill McCuddy and Ann Leedom of ParentingBookmark.com who discussed whether the British TV station that will air "Princess Diana death photos" is putting ratings over decency. (Fox should ask itself that question.)

Then, injecting another dose of fear, Cavuto introduced Jack Myers, author of Virtual Worlds, who talked about whether or not Google Earth is being used as a tool for terrorists.

Wrapping it up, Cavuto read some email and then gave his "editorial," titled, Paris Hilton is a Genius. He likened Paris Hilton to Tom DeLay and said they were both tough, strong people because they smiled when they had their mug shots taken.

The End.

Cavuto didn't say a word about Scooter Libby.

Comment: Now look me straight in the eye and tell me that Fox News isn't a right wing mouth piece.