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Homegrown Terrorists - Fear Factor On Fox and Friends

Reported by Donna - June 5, 2007 -

The question on Fox and Friends was if the new face of terror was the homegrown variety. They had on Laura Mansfield who was a mom who monitored jihadist websites. Camerota asked Mansfield what the jihadist websites were saying about "the big JFK plot bust?" Mansfield said, "Very little." On the screen the words said, 'Homegrown Terror, Is 5th Column Active on U.S. Soil?'

After she said "very little" Kilmeade ask her why that was so, was it because it was homegrown terror? Mansfield said they were more centralized and there were more small groups of terrorism within countries rather than coming down from a higher hierarchy.

On the screen the words appeared, "Homegrown Terror, Are Terrorists Living Among Us?'

Manfield, who was now identified as the 'Al Qaeda 2006 Yearbook' author said that the new plans were to break the upper link from the lower level of Al Qaeda so if one group gets busted it won't impact what happens in another group. She said converts could be more dangerous.than those growing up in it.

Camerota asked Mansfield if we could expect to see more of this and Mansfield said she would expect we would see more of this. (Comment: Pure speculation) At the end of the segment Mansfield said it was funny that one of the guys in the JFK bust was planning on traveling to Iran.

Comment: You have it all, the fear factor words, Are Terrorists Living Among Us and a segment of speculation on whether we would see more of these terror plots in the future. It was also nice how they got the tie in to Iran in the segment, also. We report, are you afraid?