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Fox & Friends Pushes 'Culture of Corruption' For Democrats

Reported by Donna - June 5, 2007 -

Since there was an indictment of one Democratic Congressman, Rep. William Jefferson (D) yesterday, Fox and Friends played up this amounting to a 'Culture of Corruption' among the Democrats when in fact out of the eight representatives now being investigated for corruption, seven of them are Republicans.

The two guests that Fox and Friends had on were Alexandra Acker from the Young Democrats of America and conservative radio talk show host Ben Ferguson. Camerota asked Ferguson about the $90,000 found in Jefferson's refrigerator. He joked that he would like to have that sub-zero refrigerator. He spoke about the evidence in the indictment and how could Nancy Pelosi say she was going to clean up the culture of corruption if she was going to allow this man to still be a congressman. He said Jefferson should be gone and Camerota said, "Sure."

Camerota asked Acker about Nancy Pelosi saying she would come in and run the cleanest Congress (Ferguson laughing in background) and that there were currently eight representatives under investigation.

Acker pointed out that seven of the eight representatives under investigation were Republicans. Camerota said the culture was unchanged and Acker said she disagreed. Acker said that when the charges were first brought up Nancy Pelosi had made sure Jefferson was removed from the Ways and Means Committee. (Ferguson was overtalking her while Acker had remained quiet when he spoke) She repeated that Nancy Pelosi acted quickly in removing him from that post. She said that even now Republican members who are under investigation are being promoted. (More Ferguson overtalk) She pointed out that Jerry Lewis was under investigation for marking earmarks for special interests and is still a ranking member on the Appropriations Committee. (Ferguson still overtalking her)

Camerota said that Acker made a good point, there were Republicans including John Doolittle who's house was just searched.

Ferguson said that it's about right and wrong and if any Republican should get in trouble like this they should be gone. Acker tried to respond to him but Camerota overtalked her.

Acker said that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats passed the most sweeping Ethics Reform Bill in the first 100 hours of Congress. (Ferguson laughing) (Ferguson overtalked her again) Acker said that you had to let the Justice system play it's way out. Camerota said it was a good point, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Ackers said the House Democratic Congress was meeting this week about acting swiftly on Bill Jefferson and she was overtalked by Ferguson again.

Comment: All during the segment the words, Culture of Corruption, Dem Congressman Indicted' stayed up on the screen.

This was the sloppiest debate I've ever seen on Fox and Friends. Camerota refused to reign in Ferguson who would not stop overtalking Acker, he acted like a miniature Sean Hannity. Camerota allowed Ferguson to keep overtalking Acker and didn't take control of the debate, making it unfair and unbalanced. Acker stayed professional and to the point and scored higher marks than Ferguson on content and how she conducted the debate. She made very good points that seven of the eight Congressmen being investigated were Republicans and that the House Democratic Congress was already meeting about what to do with William Jefferson.

Later on in the show it was revealed that Scooter Libby was going to be sentenced today. Timing unusual? I don't know, but we do know that Bush has the Attorney Generals in place to make these indictments happen when he wants them to.