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Boulder May Be Too Much For Bill O'Reilly To Handle.

Reported by Deborah - June 5, 2007 -

It looks like Bill O'Reilly made a mistake smearing Boulder, Colorado Now it seems the good people of Boulder are fighting back after Bill targeted their school system , parenting skills and basic sense of decency.Tonight, Dave Kopel , parent of a Boulder High student,bravely took a stand on The Factor and was victorious. O'Reilly was sputtering and muttering with rage and even told Kopel to shut up which is a sure sign of victory. 6/4/07
Video added 6/5/07.

O'Reilly expressed disbelief that Kopel wasn't more upset about what happened at Boulder High calling the school administrators " far left loons". Kopel answered that he was more upset about the way O'Reilly and others have distorted the situation.

Kopel managed to expose every O'Reilly distortion about what the panel members said. One of the clips that he has played over and over about condoms being inconvenient was actually the panel member relating what he had thought about condoms at 15 which he wanted the kids to know was wrong. In context, he was promoting condom use.

Kopel continued to make O'Reilly look like a real idiot and major liar telling him that Dr Helayne Jones, who BOR wants fired, has stated that the panel was not appropriate and she is not inviting them back as O'Reilly has claimed continuously. Dr Jones was one of the ambush victims who was followed into her garage by O'Reilly's crew.

The volley continued and Bill was obviously going under so he told Kopel to shut up. When Kopel wouldn't oblige, he called him an S-P adding with authority. " If you're not an S-P, I'm Donald Duck."

I guess Bill O'Reilly will be moving to the Magic Kingdom because Dave Kopel is not an S-P or a " far left loon" either. One look at independenceinstitute.org will prove that.

It appears that FOX's T Warrior and great divider hasn't worked his dark magic in Boulder. Everyone there has banded together to fight Bill O'Reilly.